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Dear Neighbor,


     My name is Travis Partney, and I am proud to be a part of our community.  I am also currently the Judge in Division 13 of the Jefferson County Court at Hillsboro, and I am running to retain that position in November.  I am running as a Democrat, and I understand that to some people, that fact alone might be a reason not to vote for me.


     I am not writing to tell you how you should vote, because I firmly believe that every person should make that decision for themselves. Instead, I want to ask you to please come speak to me, or to any person you know who is involved in the legal system before casting your vote in November. Unlike other types of races, judge seats should not be decided based on political party affiliation. Judges are required to be neutral and may not make decisions based on personal beliefs.  Experience, knowledge, and integrity are what makes a good judge, which is why most court systems no longer rely on partisan elections for selection of judges.  I strongly believe that I have those qualities. During my time as a prosecutor I gained valuable experience and a working knowledge of the system. I also observed a lack of efficiency and fairness, and I am working hard to correct those problems.


     In the current political climate, I understand why judicial elections might not be foremost in people's minds. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to all of us that we have a well-run court system. Jefferson County deserves good judges and a fair, efficient court. Whether due to a speeding ticket, a property dispute, or a family matter, almost every one of us will eventually have contact with the local court system. Should you or a family member ever find yourself dealing with the courts, I promise that it will matter to you whether your judge was knowlegable and fair, not what letter stood next to his/her name on the ballot.  We all need competent and experienced courts to enforce laws and keep our neighborhoods safe, and that is what I am passionately working to do. 


      I would appreciate your vote in November, but I would appreciate even more a chance to speak with you about the courts and answer any questions you might have.  Email me, write to me, read over my site, or come observe me in my division; I would be honored to have the chance to earn your vote.




                                                                                             Travis Partney

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